Weighted Options Fields
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Weighted Options Fields

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Sometimes you just want options, and other times, you just want to be able to weigh those options. Specifically, sometimes you want to be able to create ranked or weighted responses in your recap definitions. We can help you with that.

Weighted Options Fields allow you to create a series of fields with an assigned order and an assigned numeric value. Want to know what the overall consumer response was? Want to know on a scale of 1-10 how amazing your location was at the recent street fair? Want to know on a scale of 1-5 whether this event is worth revisiting next year? Weighted options offer you a quick and easy way to gather any of these responses and more.

Creating a Weighted Options Field

To create a new Weighted Options Field, click Recaps from the client navigation menu and select Recap Fields.

This will bring you to the Recap Field Index. This index will list each recap field that was previously created on the client site. To begin adding the new field click Add New Recap Field in the upper right corner of the page.

Now you’ll have loaded the Field Details page. This is where the real magic happens. First, enter the name of the field. We’ll go with “Event Rating”, just for fun.

Next, you’ll see the Type dropdown menu. From the list, select Weighted Options.

When you make that selection, you’ll notice that a new section opens up beneath the Type field. This section is where we’re going to add the options. The section has four header terms: Active, Order, Numeric Value, and Name.

Click Add Another Option to begin adding option fields.

Clicking this will load a new set of fields. The Active checkbox will be selected by default. This means that the options you add will be active on the question unless you deselect that box. The Order field will default to 1, as will the Numeric Value field. The Name field will remain blank. This is where you will put your option title. For the sake of our ‘Event Rating’ field, we will rank in ascending order (1-5, 1 being the lowest rank, 5 being the highest).

To add more options, click Add Another Option. The same fields will display with an increasing numeric value for each (ie. the second option will have an Order value of 2 and a Numeric Value of 2, and so on). Complete as many fields as you need.

You can reorder any fields by changing their Order value and can enter any Numeric Value you wish to assign to the option.

You may also wish to order the options alphabetically. You may do that easily by clicking Yes on Alphabetically Sort Options.

The next field to complete (if you want to) is the Notes section. Here you could add any instructions or details that you want the people completing the recap to take into consideration. This section, and the following one, are totally optional.

The final field is the Help Disclosure Text. Click on the checkbox to display this field. This section allows you to include any help text you wish for users and also accommodates hyperlinks if needed.

Now that you’ve completed all the fields you need, click Submit if this is your only recap field to add, or Submit & Add Another if you have more to do.

The field(s) will now display in the Recap Field Index and can be added to your recap definitions.

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