Staffing an Event
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Staffing an Event

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RSVP System

The RSVP system in MainEvent is an option that can be selected at the Client level in the Admin. Selecting Yes for this feature will allow invitations to be sent to staff users informing them that an event has been created and letting them choose whether or not they are able to take the shift.

To Opt into the RSVP setting

Login to MainEvent and navigate to the Admin tab. Click View.


From the Global Admin Menu, find the correct Client in the Clients Menu. Click Edit.

Use the Configuration Menu to select Staff Settings.

In the Field Staff Settings, there are two RSVP fields. At the top, Use RSVP Process will allow individual staff users the chance to reply to direct invitations to work shifts. Staff Users will not be staffed until they have replied to the invitation. To enable this, click the Yes/No field and select Yes.


The next section is Auto Send RSVP Requests. This setting will enable mass invitations. When a event is created, all qualified staff will be queued to receive an RSVP request, either as a single message or in a daily digest format. The format is selected by the management user who creates the event. This will be discussed more further into this document.


Once the correct settings have been adjusted, scroll to the bottom of the Field Staff Settings section. Click Save.

Using the RSVP System

To make use of the RSVP System, create an event as normal. In the Shifts section, there will be a field for RSVP Send Time. This is where management users can select to how and when to send the invitations for shifts. There are four options: Next Daily Digest, Don't Send, Now, and Custom Time. Next Daily Digest is the default setting and will send all available shift information to Staff Users in a single email. This is the preferred option as it will prevent users being overwhelmed with individual messages throughout the day. Don't Send allows Management Users to assign a Staff User directly to a shift with no invitations being sent to other Staff Users. Now will send an individual email to all eligible Staff Users when the event is created. This is a good option for last-minute scheduling when it is important to get information to Staff rather than waiting for the Daily Digest. Select the appropriate Send Time.


Create the Shift(s) as necessary for the event. Click Submit.


On the event Summary Page, in the Shift card, the number of Invitations will be visible.


Click on the Invitations button to see more detailed information. In the Invitation Details page, users can see which Staff Users were sent invitations, how many hours each staff user is assigned to for the week, how many sent, pending and rejected invitations there are, assign a specific user to the shift, and send additional requests.


Manually Staffing Shifts

Shifts can be manually assigned whether or not the RSVP system is being used. If the Client is using the RSVP system, Management Users can ensure that only the Staff User they wish to work the Shift receives the Shift Information by selecting Don't Send in the RSVP Send Time section discussed above. If the RSVP System is not activated on the Client, no Staff Users will receive Invitations.

To manually assign Staff User, create a event and Shift. Submit the event. From the event Summary Page, click Staff and select Edit Assignments.

The Staffing Assignment page will show a list of all eligible staff, the Staff User's distance from the event location, all shifts to be staffed for the event, event details and staffing costs.

To staff the event, select the desired Staff User and drag and drop their Name Card onto the Shift Card.

Selected Staff can be removed from the Shift by clicking Remove. To staff the event, click Save & Continue. This will reopen the event Summary Page. Scrolling down to the Shift Information will show that the event is in a Staffed Status.