Staff Portal with Claims
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Staff Portal with Claims

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Logging in

Access the MainEvent Staff Portal by navigating to

The Portal can be accessed using any web browser.

Enter your username and password and click Log In.

Navigating the Home Screen

Once the portal loads, you will see all the information you need for the day ahead. You will also see if there are recaps that need to be submitted.

Clicking on any of the banners will expand the sections and allow you to see upcoming and previous work history.

Each shift card contains all the pertinent information for each shift you are scheduled to work, including event details, start and end time, and recap name. Click Details for an expanded view of the event, including all shift information, event times and dates and a map of the location.

Click on the address in either view to open your default navigation system to get directions to your shift.

Applying for Shifts

Shifts that are open to apply for will be found in the Pending Shifts section of the portal.

Each pending shift will allow you the chance to Apply for the shift or to Decline the invitation. When you select Apply for the shift, the card will read Applied.

If you decline a shift, that will also be indicated on the card.

After you have indicated your interest (or disinterest) in the shift, you are able to change your response by simply clicking the opposite option.

If you have applied for a shift, and are approved to work, the shift card will move from Pending Shifts to your scheduled shifts.

Confirmed Shifts

Some shifts may be staffed by your management in Pending status. These shifts require you to respond that you decline if you don’t wish to work, otherwise you will be staffed. You will find these shifts under the Confirmed Shifts banner.

To confirm that you wish to work, do nothing. If you do not wish to work the shift, click the Decline button on the shift card. When you refresh your portal, you will see this declined shift has moved to the Declined section.


After declining a shift, you may always reapply by clicking Apply.

Submitting Recaps

Submitting recaps is quick and easy on the MainEvent staff portal. Click on the green Recap button to load the recap modal.

The recap modal will always display the event information in the upper left of the page. There is also a download button that allows you to download a hardcopy of the recap if needed.

For multi-page recaps, navigation buttons allow you to switch between pages or select a specific page from a dropdown.

As you move through the recap, different questions will require different types of answers. If a question is an integer question, you will only be able to respond with numbers. Select and multiselect questions will tell you how many responses are expected from you. If a question is required, that will be indicated on the form. Some questions may contain help text, which will be located beneath the response field.

When you are finished with your recap, you have options. If you are ready to submit the recap, click Finish.

If you want to be able to come back to make changes, you can select Save and Exit. To access the recap again, go to the shift card and click Continue Recap.

If you want to just walk away from everything you’ve entered, click Exit Without Saving. This will clear all changes that you have made to the recap in that session. A confirmation window will display before you exit.

Submitting Claims

Submitting claims on the MainEvent Staff Portal allows staff users to submit their hours and any additional claims they may have for their shift in one place. It is integrated with the payroll system so that claims created within MainEvent can be approved by management and then paid directly to staff.

Submitting a Primary Claim

A primary claim is the first claim that will be submitted and will be for hours worked. To begin the claims submission process, look in either your Previous Shifts or Today’s Shifts sections and locate the shift that you need to submit a claim for. This will be visibly denoted by the green Submit Claims button on the shift card. Click Submit Claims.

This will open the Edit Claims window. This window will contain shift information such as the Visit Name, Staff Name, Visit Date, Shift Time, Position Type, Location and Address. Verifying against this information ensures that all claims are brought against the correct shift.

The next step is to enter the Actual Shift Date into the allotted field. This allows changes in schedule that were not changed at the event level to still reflect accurate shift information. The default for this section is to populate with the date the shift was scheduled for, however, users can click on the field to open a calendar and select the correct date.

After the correct date is selected, users may be asked to select the Shift Segment classification. The options are First Shift of the Day, Not the First or Last Shift of the Day, Last Shift of the Day, and Only Shift of the Day. This section is required for downstream payroll processes. Select the option that applies to the shift.


Next, select the Claim Type from the drop-down menu. In this section, as the user is claiming their hours, their selection will be Hourly Wages. Select the correct selection for your event wages from the dropdown on your application.

Below, users will find the Scheduled Start, Scheduled End and Scheduled Hours listed for the shift. This is not the set time for the claim but is a guide as to what the person staffing the visit scheduled for this shift. Staff users are able to make any necessary adjustments to their actual hours in the fields below. Claim Start, Claim End and Claim Hours are the times and amounts that will be sent for approval.

To enter Claim Start and Claim End times, users can click on the time fields and use the arrow buttons to toggle by 15 minute increments. To enter the time manually, users can click on the field and type the desired time into the box.


In instances where the shift is long enough to warrant a meal break, Staff Users should enter the time they took their break. Click the box next to I Took a Meal Break.

Enter the Meal Break Start and Meal Break End times as Claim Start and Claim End times were entered. Times can be entered using the arrows to toggle or entered manually.

If breaks are unpaid, please ensure that the Meal Break Hours are deducted from the Claim Hours. This will mean that the Claim Start or Claim End time may not match up with the start or end of the shift but the Claim Hours will equal the number of hours worked. For example, if a user takes a 30-minute lunch break, they should deduct 30 minutes from their Claim End time to ensure they are claiming the correct number of hours for the shift.

If this is the only claim being made for the shift, click Submit Claims in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. This will send the claim to management for approval.

Submitting Secondary Claims

Secondary Claims can be added to a shift at the same time as a Primary Claim or as necessary afterward. To begin adding a Secondary Claim, click the New Claim bar below the Primary Claim information.

Users will then select the Category for the claim – Amount, Distance or Time.

Amount-Based Claims

For an Amount-based claim, Claim Types can include Air Fare, Car Expense, Copy/Printing/Fax/Office Supplies, Employee Bonus, Gas, Meals While Traveling, Miscellaneous, Postage, Sampling Dollars, Sampling Supplies, Taxi/Public Transportation, Tolls/Parking and Wireless depending on what is enabled for your program. Select the appropriate Claim Type.

After Claim Type, enter a Description for the claim, such as “Parking at Event” or “Tolls for bridge on the route”. Then enter the Amount for the Claim, the Vendor, and the Transaction Date.

Next, upload an image of the Receipt. Click Browse and select the file.

A preview image will be visible on the Claim Submission page.

If this is the final claim to be submitted, click Submit Claims. Additional claims can be added by clicking Add Another Claim. If necessary, the entire claim section can be cleared by clicking Reset.

Distance-Based Claims

To create a Distance-based claim, select Distance from the Category drop-down menu.

For a Distance-based claim, Claim Types can include Travel, Mileage/Kilometers, Mileage Adjustment, Mileage Rate Adjustment. These options will be set according to each Project’s permissions. Select the appropriate Claim Type.

Next, write a Description of the claim.

Finally, enter the Distance Units. This is the number of miles/kilometers travelled.

If this is the final claim to be submitted, click Submit Claims. Additional claims can be added by clicking Add Another Claim. If necessary, the entire claim section can be removed by clicking Reset.

Time-Based Claims

To create a time-based claim, select Time from the Category drop-down menu.

For a time-based claim, Claim Types can include Admin Wages, Conference Call Wages, Setup, Overtime Wages, Training Wages and Travel Wages. Select the appropriate Claim Type.

Next, enter a Description for the claim being submitted.

Enter the Start and End times for the claim.

Entering the times may populate an exception limit warning. This is merely an advisement that the amount of time entered is above the setting for automatic approvals and will not hinder the submission of a claim. Select Yes to submit the claim with the entered amount of time.

If this is the final claim to be submitted, click Submit Claims. Additional claims can be added by clicking Add Another Claim. If necessary, the entire claim section can be removed by clicking Reset.

Adding Photos/ Media from the Staff Portal

You can quickly add photos or media to any event on your schedule by clicking the Add Photos button on the shift card.

This will open Photo Upload modal.

The modal is a multi-image uploader that will allow you to upload any and all images that you have for the event in one place. Click Choose Files. 

The file manager on your computer, or the default photo app on your mobile device, will automatically open.

Select the photo(s) you wish to include and click Open. You can select one or many photos to upload at one time. The image(s) you select will preview in the modal.

While in the modal, you may rotate the images if needed, add additional photos, or remove any added in error.

Once you have added all the needed photos, and rotated them to display as you want, click Close. The photos you included will now display on the Management Portal for your supervisor to view, edit, and download as needed.

Data load

Your MainEvent Staff Portal will always have access to all of your historic shift information, but you may find yourself not wanting to wait for all your old shifts to be able to display when you have work to do. That’s why you have three options for the amount of data you wish to display.

Minimal Data

This option will display the least amount of data and load the quickest. If your main concern is your current events and quick performance, this is the best option for you.

Minimal Data will show shifts and claims information from 3 days in the past and for 3 days into the future. Completed shifts with approved or locked recaps will not show.

Medium Data

This is the Goldilocks option. Neither too little nor too much data will load.

Medium Data will display shifts and claims from 14 days in the past and 30 days in the future. Completed shifts with approved or locked recaps and locked claims will not show. This option will be faster than All Data and slower than Minimal Data.

All Data

All Data is the buffet dinner of data options. Everything you could want, laid out in front of you.

All Data will display all shifts and claims information. This option will offer the slowest performance.

Editing Your Profile

If you wish to view or update your personal profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the banner labelled Your Profile.

Click Edit to enter the profile page. The profile page will contain your personal information (name, address, contact info, etc). Certain fields may be made editable to you, while others remain uneditable. These decisions are made at the admin level on a per program basis. Editable fields will be white, while uneditable fields will be greyed out.

Enter any changes into editable fields, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Any changes will be reflected in your profile page in the staff app and also on the management portal for the admin team.

Changing Your Password

You may also wish to change your password from time to time for security. This function is also found beneath the Your Profile banner at the bottom of the page.

Clicking Change Password will open the Change Password modal. Begin by entering your old password. Then enter the new password you wish to use. You will have to enter the new password twice to confirm accuracy.

Once you have entered the required fields, click Change Password and the modal will close. Your password will be updated. Click Cancel to leave the modal without saving.

iCal Link

On the staff portal, scroll down to the Your Profile banner and click to expand. There is a section called Link Calendar.

Click Copy to Clipboard. This will copy the iCal link for you.

Then go to the calendar app of your choice and embed the new calendar following the instructions for a new calendar using a URL. This will vary by calendar program.

Once the calendar link has been added, the events from MainEvent will display on your personal calendar. Something to note. The iCal link will follow the calendar program’s refresh schedule (ie. every 24 hours on Google Calendar, etc) so short term changes may not be reflected. Always check your current day schedule to confirm that the details have not changed.

Dark Mode

The MainEvent has two color themes, light (the default) and dark. To switch to the dark theme, scroll to the bottom of the portal and click Dark Theme. To switch back, click Light Theme.

Offline Use

The MainEvent Staff Portal can be used in offline mode as well. Recaps can be completed and submitted or saved while a device is offline mode. The recap will submit when the device syncs with the server then next time you have a connection. Your profile cannot be edited while offline.

Downloading the app

The Staff Portal app can also be downloaded if you are using an Android or iOS device. The link to download will be available at the bottom of the login screen on your web browser.