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Release Notes

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MainEvent Release Notes 9/27/23


Searchable Dropdowns on Scheduling Fields
When creating an event, all scheduling fields with more than one option are now be searchable lists.

Unapprove Requested Events
When a requested event is approved, it can now be returned to requested status when unapproved.

Scheduling Field Filter Improvements
Scheduling Field Filters on the configurable dashboard now offer the ability to set select type question options on the dashboard and filter level widgets.

Default Filter Date Display
On configurable dashboards, if a default date is set for date filters, that date will now display below the filter.

Uncanceled Events to Requested Status
If an event was in requested status when it was canceled, it will now be returned to requested status if it is uncanceled.

Bug Fixes

Labels Falling Off Chart
Dynamic placement was adjusted to prevent pie piece labels from exiting at the bottom pie charts.

Created By Field Pretending To Be Edited By Field
The 'created by' field on events was acting as the 'edited by' field as the most recent user to edit the event was listed instead of the user who created the event. This has been fixed.

No Programs Available when Using Select All Function
An issue with the Select All function for assignments on new Management User profiles was preventing Programs from appearing prior to saving. This has been addressed.

Report Exports Missing Data
Recent updates to the reporting functionality led to certain exports missing data. This has been addressed and reports are exporting as expected now.

MainEvent Release Notes 9/13/23


Recap Rejection Functionality
The days of only approving recaps are behind us! Reject recaps and return them to the submitter for edits with the new Recap Rejection feature.

Photo Labels Alligned
On the configurable dashboard, labels for photos have been realigned so they are more clearly associated with the correct photo.

Deselect Pinned Photo
Users can now 'unpin' a pinned photo on the media widget for the configurable dashboard.

Inconsistencies Addressed for Adding Locations
Differences between adding a location from the Add Location page and the Add Event page were addressed.

Staff App Messages Alligned
Notifications on the Staff App were not alligned. Now they are.

Education Level Chart Added
On the Census Module, a new Education Level chart was added.


Remove Bad Table Link in Reports
A table link on the venues table was removed as it was not functional.

Date Filter Issue on Dashboards
An issue was causing dashboards with stat tables and/or bar charts to load incorrectly when a date filter was applied. This has been corrected.

Events in Executed Status Not Counting for Allocations
The new event status 'Executed' was not counting for completed allocations. This has been addressed.

Executed Status Option When Creating Events
Hidden permissions were causing Executed status to show as an option when creating events. This has been fixed.

Standard Dashboard Bar Charts Not Loading
An issue was preventing Bar Charts from loading on the standard dashboard. This has been fixed.

External Recap Issue
An error was forcing users of external recap links to log in prior to completing the recap. This has been adjusted and the links operate as expected now.

MainEvent Release Notes 8/31/23


Venue States Filter
On the configurable dashboard, the Venue States filter on both the dashboard and widget level have been made multiselect instead of single select. It now also includes all states from any country selected for use by the client. Options will be nested by country.

Program Claim Types Auto-Approval Toggle
A toggle has been added in the program level admin for claim types to indicate if they are to be auto-approved or not. Save a click, use the toggle.

Staff Mass Assignment
New global tool allows you to mass assign staff users to all markets or position types without downloading a template.

Clickable Recap Name in Recap Definition Index
The Recap Definition Name is now clickable in the Recap Definition Index. This will bring you to the editing page, in line with other index page functionality.

Hierarchy Tiers Filter within Widgets
Set what geographic hierarchy tiers you want to view data from when setting up your standard charts.

Ability to Approve Requested Locations from Index
When new venues are brought into the system with requested events, you can now approve those locations for use with Approve, Unapprove or Quick Approve buttons directly on the Locations Index.

Back to Global and Back to Client Buttons
In the alerts section, there will now be a button to bring you back to the global or client level admin.

Multi-select index filters
Index filter options will now be multiselect when applicable.

New Event Status
A new event status of Executed has been added to the workflow. This will identify events that were staffed but not recapped with an event date in the past.

Event Owner Updates
When using the Event Owner functionality, a new multiselect field will allow users to select which roles to choose from. The event owner will also appear on the Event Summary and be an available filter on the media index.


RSVP Emails for Requested Events
RSVP emails were being sent to staff for events in requested status. This has been addressed, emails now only sent for scheduled events.

MainEvent Release Notes 8/16/23


Alphabetization Across the Site
An ongoing effort to alphabetize and reorganize menus on the site continues.

Consistent Preview Size for Media
When viewing media in the gallery, the preview size will remain consistent to allow you to click through without moving your cursor.

Formatting Changes to Stat Billboards
Changes were made to the Stat Billboard header to ensure a cleaner result when displaying longer titles.

Recap Field Index Displays Assigned Recap Definitions
Updates to the Recap Field Index allow you to view which Definitions a Field is assigned to from the index.

Age Restrictions
A new feature has been added for Age Restricted Programs. Only staff who are of the appropriate age will be included as available staff and a banner warning that the program is age restricted will display on the staffing page.

Bug Fixes

Global Recap Fields not Pulling into Pie Charts
An issue was preventing global recap fields from displaying as options in dashboards for clients other than the question originator. This has been fixed.

Asset Settings Persisting in Media Gallery
An issue which allowed Asset settings to display for programs not using Asset functionality has been addressed.

Staff Profile Fields Behaving as Required
An issue which caused staff profile fields to behave as required when toggled to not required has been patched.

Giant Photos Brought Down to Size
A bug causing recap photos to display gigantically on the page has been fixed, the photos are now an appropriate size.

Event Cancellation Notices Not Sending
The trigger for Event Cancellation Notices was only being applied if users had the Cancellation Reason toggle turned on. This has been fixed and Cancellation Notices now send for all cancellations.

Duplicate Venues When Staff Edit Events
There was an issue causing duplicate venues to generate when staff users edited events within the staff portal. This has been addressed.

Error when Completing a Mass Download for Media
The zip file was not generating when completing a mass download from the Media Center. This has been fixed and zip files are once again downloadable.

Required Venue Fields not Behaving Like Required Venue Fields
Custom Venue Fields with required status were not being required to save a venue. This has been fixed.

MainEvent Release Notes 8/1/23


Save and Add Another Button Added to Location Type Admin Page and Location Hierarchy Page
Users now have a single button option to continue adding additional Location Types on the Client Admin or when building slots on the Location Hierarchy.

Venue Custom Fields Assignable by Location Type
Assign Venue Custom Fields by Location Type.

End Offset Date on Recap Builder Default to End Date
The End Offset Date will now default to match the End Date when creating new Recap Definitions. Previously, users would have to set the date twice.


Custom Bar Chart Line Option Not Loading
An issue was preventing the line chart option on the custom bar chart widget from loading. This has been fixed.

Staff Profile Fields Required when Toggled Off
Staff profile fields which were not in required status were displaying as required. This has been adjusted and non-required fields are no longer expecting a response.

Digest Emails Not Sending as Digest
Digest RSVP emails were sending as individual emails rather than a digest format. This has been addressed.

New Venues Requiring Approval
New Locations were displaying as needing to be approved when the approval permission was not enabled. This has been fixed.

MainEvent Release Notes 7/19/23


Geolocation on Add Locations Tool

Add Events from Location Profile
Add events to the system directly from the venue profile page now. Event location will be auto-filled based on the location profile you were viewing.

Download Media from Location Profile
To match the functionality available on the Event Profile, media associated with a venue can now be downloaded directly from the Location Summary page.

Rejected Request Reason Allocation Notification

Add Event Team Allocation Changes
When adding or editing an event, the Teams dropdown will only display teams with at least one allocation.

Inactive Program Filter on Client Configuration Page
Filter out active or inactive programs on the client configuration page in the admin.


New Fields on Events Index Not Saving
Newly added fields were not saving on the index, this has been addressed.

Multi-day Events Creating Duplicate Events
Multi-day events were being created as 2 instead of 1. This has been fixed.

External Recap Link Error
An error message was displaying when trying to generate an external recap link. The issue related to a null ID value. It has been fixed.

Default Shifts not Added to Events When Created by User without Shift Visibility
An issue was causing default positions to not generate if the user creating the event did not have user role permission to view those positions. This has been adjusted and shifts are now visible after event creation to user roles with appropriate user permissions.

Distribute Unlimited Allocations Permission Changes
Changes were made to the Distribute Unlimited Allocations Permission to ensure that the allocations created are not associated to the user creating them.

MainEvent Release Notes 7/6/23


Staff Profile Custom Fields Available on Reports

Dashboard Filter Auto-Refresh Removed
When a dashboard filter is clicked but not applied, the dashboard will no longer refresh.

Persistent Header Added to Allocations Page
The header on the allocations page will now follow users down, allowing users to see what columns they are viewing throughout the entire page.

New Allocations Role Permission
A new role permission has been added that will allow users to view allocated events only.

Allocations by Program Toggle Added
A new toggle has been added to the Program Settings in the Admin for determining if the program will use Allocations.

Assigned Teams Column on Management User Index
A new column titled "Assigned Teams" has been added to the Managment User Index in the admin. This field will not display by default but can be selected per user.

Distance-based Claims Mileage Threshold per Event
When applied, this threshold will begin paying distance-based claims only after a set mileage threshold is surpassed per event, rather than by day.


Persistent Title on Bar Charts
When a bar chart was changed to no longer display the chart name, the name was persisting beyond saving the changes. This has been addressed.

Display Text Questions not Displaying in Dark Mode on Staff App
Display Text recap fields were not displaying correctly when the staff application was switched to dark mode. This has been rectified.

Multi-Day Support for Allocations
A bug was allowing allocations for multi-day events to only get assigned to the initial event. This has been addresses and now multi-day events will be properly allocated.

MainEvent Release Notes 6/22/23


Canceled With Pay Retains Event Details
Previously, events set to Canceled Last Minute status lost their event details. Now they get to keep them.

Default Email Domain Updated
The system default email domain has been updated so it be captured by fewer spam filters. Emails will now be sent by MainEvent System,

Dynamic Date Range Filters on Dashboard
Date Range filters on the page level of the dashboard will now allow you to enter dynamic date ranges including: past week, past month, etc.

Event Request Venue Naming
An option to allow event requesters to enter a venue name for new venues when requesting an event.

Request New Location
A new permission was added that would require new locations to be approved before they can be added to the system.

Request Rejection Reasons
Newly available permissions will allow admins to setup request rejection reasons to send to requesters.

Canceled Event Reasons
New permissions added to allow users to add reasons for a canceled event.


Trim Whitespace for Profile Inputs
Profile fields will now automatically trim any whitespace left at the end of input fields.

Default Event Description not Displaying
When a default event description was added in the admin, it was not displaying on events. This has been fixed.

Error with Default Start/End Offset Times
An issue with default offset times was causing them to display as 30 minutes after an event started instead of 30 minutes before. This has been rectified.

MainEvent Release Notes 6/7/23


Headers added to alert triggers
Finding the correct trigger for alert messaging is easier than ever with new section headers.

Program Description Field
A new field was added on the program setup admin page to allows users to enter a description that will display on the allocations page.

Event Cancellation Tool
Cancel events en masse with ease! This new tool allows for mass cancellation of events while following user role permissions and assignments.

Asset Owner Column Added to Asset Index

Sell-in Date Field Added to Program Admin

Hide Recap Dropdown on Requested Events
Added a new user role permission to hide the recap selection field on Event Requests.

Allocations Index Page Added
For clients using Allocations features, there is now an allocation index page for easier data access.

Cosmetic Updates to Edit Allocations Page

Allocation Alert Triggers Added
New email alert triggers were added to support clients using our Allocations functionality.

Updates to Event Naming Conventions
New options have been added to our standard event naming conventions allowing users to select default naming by Event ID, Venue Name, Market Name, Program Name or Event Date.

Bug Fixes

Formatting Adjustments on Stat Table Widget
Horizontal and vertical font alignment issues were addressed as well as alignment issues with cell bordering.

Cross-Client Markets Removed from Calendar
Fixed bug that was allowing markets to be seen across clients on calendar.

Budget Module Update
Update made to allow budget module to properly display decimal figures.

Report Name Change Issue
An issue preventing name changes on custom reports from saving was patched.

Alert Emails not Sending to External Recipients
A bug that was preventing alert emails from sending to external recipients has been addressed.

Missed Event Error Fixed
An error that was displaying when an event was assigned a missed reason has been fixed.

MainEvent Release Notes 5/4/23


Phone and Hyperlink Recap Fields
Two new recap field options were added for phone numbers and URL hyperlink.

Event PDFs on Staff Portal
Allows staff users to download Event PDFs after recap submission, directly from the staff portal event details section.

Duplicate Events Improvements
When duplicating events, you can now do so from two places: the event index and the event summary. Duplicate events will now include asset assignments and file attachments.

Assets on Bar Charts
Bar charts on dashboards now include the option for Recap Questions by Asset.

Photo navigation on Event Summary
Flip from photo to photo on the media preview on the event summary.

Bug Fixes

Inactive Programs Visible in Admin
For user assignments, inactive programs will remain visible. Users assigned to inactive programs will remain assigned when their profile is updated.

Asset Calendar Event Visibility Issue
Users assigned to assets were able to see all events in markets the asset was active in regardless of their market assignments. This has been fixed.

Apostrophe's causing fomatting issues
Using an Apostrophe on the stat billboard dashbaord widget created issues in formatting. That has been addressed and the stat billboard now handles apostrophe's like a champion.

MainEvent Release Notes 4/20/23


Dashboard Filter Section Updates
Filters shrunk to fit more compactly in dashboard filter section.

Program Claims Improvements
Default for Auto-Approval set to No. 'Select All' checkbox added for Allow Claims and Automatically Generate columns.

Assign Markets on Program Assignment Page
From the Program Assignment field we've added a new option: Assign this Program to the following Markets.

Add Files by Market
On the Program page, files can now be assigned to specific markets.

Event Hours added to reports
Event Hours is now available to be added

Allows Alcohol Beverage based programs to allocate, track, and manage event allocations to distributors, teams and/or users on a national or local scale. With this functionality in place, programs/campaigns may be established, and then events allocated based on role, market, and responsibility. In addition an event request/approval process enables all events to be properly vetted before scheduled.

Bug Fixes

Stat Widgets and Map not responding to asset filter
An issue with the asset filter was addressed so the stat widgets and map will now update accordingly when it is applied.

MainEvent Release Notes 4/4/23


Updated Program and Location Variable menus in Recap Builder
Changed Program and Location Variable menus in recap builder to multiselect fields.

Sync Button added to API Events
Users no longer need to edit and resave API events. A Re-Sync button can now be found under the API Sync Status tab.

Default Asset Request
The default setting for requesting assets now defaults to Yes when the requesting user is only assigned to a single program.

Markets on Checkin Dash
A market column and market filter have been added to the checkin dashboard.

Overlapping Events Updated
Changed the rules on overlapping events to allow staff users to be assigned to consecutive events.

Bug Fixes

Delete Dashboard Widgets
Issue stopping ability to remove dashboard widgets has been fixed. Hearts and minds can change, now your dashboard can too.

Error on Staff Import Tool
Fixed a password validation error issue on the Staff Import Tool.

MainEvent Release Notes 3/23/23

Notification Improvements & Additions
Cleaned up and improved interface. Our notification creation screen has never looked better!

Event Notifications - Addition of Asset Owner
New alert options allow asset related notifications to be delivered to the the Asset owner.
An Asset Owner check box appears at the bottom of all Event-Based notifications to allow them to send the notification to the Event Creator as well as the Asset Owner. Helpful for Mobile tours and groups that use the MainEvent asset module to track and monitor their precious assets.

Event Scheduling Fields Notifications
HUGE Addition!!! Now notifications may be sent based on event scheduling fields. For groups that require items to be completed pre-event/visit based on certain criteria (e.g, has the kit been ordered, if Yes send a note to manager). Pertinent parties can be alerted of any time sensitive tasks tailored to a campaign to ensure prompt completion.

Dashboard Mania!

  • Agenda Widget Improvements

The agenda widget now has the option to filter by status. A great addition if you need to show events based on certain criteria (e.g. visits needing to be recapped or staffed)

  • Location Variable Addition

Filtering on Location Variables has been added to dashboards. Helpful for groups that need to report/query by chain, and/or type of location for their executions.

3rd Party Lead Data is now available in Reports

Import Tool Improvements
Add Event Tool - Event Description no longer a required field


  • Edit Warehouse Rest Error
  • Dashboard Title
    Titles of "stat billboard" were displaying on the "edit" page for the dashboards, but not on the "edit/view print" pages.

MainEvent Release Notes 3/9/23

Sales Integration Improvements
Customers that use our sales data integration can now show summaries of that data on dashboards and venue profiles. Dashboards can show the impact of events on sales activity by comparing depletions over time and can represent the sales velocity or change in sales rates. This update improves the number of analyses that can be run on integration data for both short and long-term impact study across macro (market/region or groups of locations) and micro (specific location) levels.

Third Party API Lead Capture Analysis & Report Options
For groups that require the analysis of NON PII 1st party data, MainEvent can now report and analyze on lead data on an event profile, location profile, primary and secondary dashboards. For groups that need further analysis of outcomes based on consumer feedback at events.

Primary and Secondary Dashboards added Location Filter
Option to filter by Location and Filter type for all primary and secondary dashboard

Graph Text improvements for Secondary and Primary Dashboards
For Graphs with long legends, an option was added to either flatten or remove the text for the field title completely. Improves the look for graphs for presentations

Event/Visit PDF
A default event PDF has been added to enable manager users to download all pertinent event details (event scheduling, staff assigned, recap, and photos) directly on the Event/Visit profile. In addition, the PDF may be emailed from MainEvent to anyone. Avoid extra steps and expedite the delivery to people interested in the outcome that either do not have access to MainEvent and/or want a hard copy of all details of the event.

T&E Approval Index - Exception Payments display highlighted
Exception payments are now highlighted on the index.

Staff App - Improved Interface when adding event
For staff/rep users adding events, if only one option is available for a select option, the app will default to selected. Reduces the time involved for reps to add events/visits/merchandising, especially reps that conduct multiple activities daily.

Staff App Default to Location Search Default
For reps that are NOT assigned specific locations, when adding a new location for an event/visit the app will default to the ‘Search Locations’ option.

MainEvent Release Notes 2/20/23

Dashboard Widget Additions for Check In / Out Durations
A dashboard widget to show total number of hours in-store based on check in duration. Customers can show dashboards and stats by event hours and/or check in hours.

Dashboard Additions Monthly Visits Per Month
Add Option to Specify the number of services/ visit types per month. For Field Programs that need to show the value type of event or visit type in a stat table, added the option to aggregate totals for each widget.

Dashboard Widget Additions for Multi Day Events
Option added on the dashboard to distinguish the number of Event Days with the number of Events. For example for a 3 day festival a user can now show both the number of Events (1), and the number of Event Days (3).

Budget Dashboard
Budgets may now be reported and displayed in a dashboard form. Any field stored on a program/campaign budget (e.g, overall budget, trade spend budget, shift hours budgeted, shift hours spent, shift hours remaining, events/visits allocated) may be used for budget dashboards. The fields may be aggregated and filtered by any criteria tied to a budget (market, region program, date range, distributor).

Recap Builder tool - Search Capabilities and Pagination
For customers that store thousands of unique recap fields when building recap definitions, there is now search tools for fields and pagination for existing fields. Reduced page load times and a simplified process for users when building and modifying recap definitions.

Calendar Additional Filter Adding
Option to add event scheduling fields and the category field as a Calendar Filter. For customers that have custom scheduling fields, there is now a configuration to enable admin users to choose what fields are filter options for a calendar. This permits admin users to configure both the scheduling section and calendar to provide filters based on the type of events/visits that are being performed.

Inactive Program Toggle
Added configuration to remove or display inactive programs on the Event/Visit Index page.

MainEvent Release Notes 2/1/23

3rd Party Leads Dashboard
Have 3rd party leads display on a graphic dashboard. Information includes event related data, lead data and widgets.

Event PDF -Allow Event Property data on event statistics tables
Allow Event Statistics tables to be able to pull in event details (e.g., time, location, name) on the Event PDF page.

Staff Assignment Page Improvements
Improvements to the interface make it easier to assign staff for events with 10 shifts or more.

Global Event/Visit Index Improvements
Added filter on the Global Event/Visit index allowed additional filtering options for users to compare and contrast data between multiple client sites.

Staff App Photos
Additional checks and instructions were added during the upload process so staff are aware images are being uploaded.

Visit / Allocations and Goal Module
Create visit and duration goals based on visits in combination with check in and check out duration. Goals are established for a rep/staff, location, and chain. Useful for Merchandising and Brand Ambassador programs that have targeted goals that are tracked monthly, quarterly and/or annually at stores and various locations.

Check Ins and Outs - Track Duration
Time duration can now be tracked for all visits. This data may be used for reporting and goal tracking.

Account Location Mass Edit Tool
Index page allows select users to update accounts/locations en masse. Users may edit specific fields (e.g, Name, Address, Contact information) on an index page and make changes to multiple accounts vs. editing accounts individually.

Budget Module Improvements for Alcohol Beverage / Distributor Based Programs
For the budget module, added functionality to support alcohol beverage program, including the option to support trade spend and budgets associated to distributors. Also added display for each budget to show the following:

  • Show the number of hours scheduled
  • Show % of Trade Spend Remaining (completed spend only)
  • Show % of Hours Remaining (completed claim hours ONLY)

MainEvent Release Notes 10/19/22

Graphic Builder - Enable border around whole widget
In our quest for freedom, justice and analytic aesthetics, we have added the option to add a border around a widget on Graphic Builder pages. Example Below

Graphic Builder Filter Improvements
Removed filters applied from one graphic builder page impacting other pages. With the fix, pages are now independent of each other regardless of what filters are used.

Event Summary - Edit Actual Times - Claim Date Default
Once positions are staffed, there is an option on the event summary under the staff dropdown to submit the staff’s actual hours so claims are generated on their behalf.
The claim date for this section is now defaults to the current day’s date but may be modified. This change reduces the amount of time managers need to spend on this page if there are multiple staff assigned to a shift.

Event PDF Edit Print Layout Improvements
Improved printable version of pre and post event/visit pages. This allows our customers to share completed events in a branded, professional manner.

Event PDF - Allow Event Property Data on Event Statistics Tables
The Event PDF option can pull in customized event detail information including time, location, and name.

Add Windowed Section for positions on the assignment page
From the add staff page - Improved the interface for staffing events with 10+ staff on a single event to facilitate finding and assigning available staff to new positions.

MainEvent Release Notes 9/08/22

Graphic Builder - Added Custom Color Widgets
For certain widgets (ex. Stat Billboard, Bar, Line and Pie charts), a user can now apply custom color fonts based. This has been useful in particular for client presentations where certain Pantones/colors are required and/or recommended. The request originated from customers requests that needed these reports exportable for presentation purposes.

Integration Reporting - Improve Display
For certain reports that require analysis of previous periods (ex. current year vs last year), improvements have been made to display and audit the data that displays on these types of reports. Useful for companies that are performing sales integrations or have a need to evaluate the field activity outcomes in relation to accounts. For example: We performed activities at accounts, to what degree did these executions impact the bottom line based on reviewing depletions/velocity to current vs. previous time period.

Add Formula Fields for Pie Charts
Added formula fields as an option for sections/wedges in pie charts. This was added from a client who wanted to ‘show their work' for graphs where not just the value was used, but the related formula. The overall goal is to reduce questions and back and forth, and to illustrate the impact of various stats and widgets to a greater audience beyond the field marketing department.

All Row Insertion on Stat Tables
For involved stat tables (similar to Excel spreadsheets), we added the ability to insert rows within the report to reduce the time/effort needed to make changes to existing reports as needs arise. This request was generated from an involved report where adjustments needed to be made to some, but not all rows.

MainEvent Release Notes 8/30/22

Yes/No Select filter for "specific value" filtering
Filter added to allow selection of yes/no from a drop down for graphic builder/dashboard pages. Allows stats and graphs of yes/no based selections to be further refined.

Graphic Builder - Allow Stat Widgets to Obey Filters
On the Graphic builder pages, for stat widgets (single or aggregate of integer fields), these widgets will now obey filters.

Date Range Filter Option
Enhanced date range filter for specific widgets, in particular for dashboards/widgets that involve integrations where the date is used on an import field.

Dashboard & Event Summary Widgets: Filter to allow blank/non-blank counts
Filter added to count blanks or non-blank fields within a given column. Used for integrations where columns contain a combination of values and blank columns.

Add Event/Visit Page: Recap Selection default if single selection
On the Add Event page if only one recap is assigned to the program selected, it auto-assigns on the add events. This reduces the time/clicks needed when scheduling and editing visits.

Event Owner - Default to User
For customers using the Event Owner option, the default option is the now the user adding the event. A search option allows admin users to find alternative owners if need be.

Graphic Builder - Image widget not adjusting when the filters are being used.
For pages where the image widget is used, the page filters will now apply.

Post Processing for Integrations
Backend improvements for customers that require large, involved processing of integrations. Improves the speed when using integration data on reports, dashboards, and other visual/data analysis.


Graphic Builder - Clear All button does not clear date filter
The clear all button works for all filters, applied fix.

MainEvent Release Notes 08/11/22

Dashboard - Event Statistics Text Widget Improvements
Adjustments made to improve the way the text widget displays on dashboards, venue, and event/visit profile pages.

Dashboard - Calendar on Dashboard Scrolling
Weekly and monthly calendar widget is now scrollable.

Dashboard - Preview Function
Added preview function to review a particular widget with populated information prior to displaying on an actual dashboard.

Staff Address Change Notification
A notification can be created and delivered to users and roles if a staff address is changed. This request comes from clients that need to update payroll staff, and/or roster updates.

Date Record Matching on Integrations
Able to match integration files based on the event date/timestamp. This can be applied for customers that have 3rd party integrations into MainEvent, and do not have a MainEvent ID. This addition provides greater extensibility to incorporate data sources.

Staff Profile Fields Assignment Matrix
The assignment matrix for staff has been fixed to allow roles to view/edit certain files on the staff profile base on the permission of that role.

Event Recap - Questions Last Answered Timestamp
Added functionality to show the last time a recap question was answered on a recap. Helps management users see the last time a question was asked and answered.

MainEvent Release Notes 08/02/22


Features Added

Configurable Event Feed API
Created configurable API feed in JSON for event scheduling information. Enables customers to add/edit what fields display, along with what filters based on unique requirements. Allows clients to provide event schedules in an acceptable format for third party integrations.

Photo Tag Filter for Dashboard
Option to display specific images on the dashboard based on applied photo tags. Photo tags themselves are a configuration by a customer to best describe an image (e.g, Consumer Shot, POS Item, Product Shot). This feature allows customers to leverage these filters to ONLY show particular tags on a dashboard.

Venue/Location Custom Field Filters
Option to add filters based on venue custom fields. Refines what is possible when running complex/nuanced queries on a dashboard. For example if you need to run by certain store locations, or unique attributes identified by a customer, filters can be added and obeyed for these fields. Prior to this change, only standard field filtering was permitted.

Integration Imports Added to Audited reports
For integrations with 3rd party sources, any field that's stored can be reported on in the audited report section. Extremely useful for customers that run sales depletion reports in comparison to their executions.

Asset Assignment Filter
For customers that use the asset management system, a configurable permission has been added so a request can be made based on the asset’s geographic and program assignments. Allows requests to be made properly based on the particulars of each asset.

Cross Referencing Integration Files in a Widget
Needed for customers that require multiple integrations and report on correlated data from multiple files. Allows for visual analysis base on imported files, in combination with information stored on MainEvent.

MainEvent Release Notes 07/21/22

Features Added

Dashboard Media/Photos Widget Filters
Media widget will now filter according to applied dashboard filters.

Event Graphic Dash/Report: Integration fields
Can combine multiple integrations together in a single widget. This can benefit groups that have a variety of data imported on multiple files, and need to correlate the information together EVEN if there is not a unique MainEvent ID on all files.

Allow filtering by select field option on standard charts
For charts that have many select values, a filter can be added on a widget level to refine which options display. For example, if a customer has 90 unique products, but only wants the graph to display a certain segment of products (e.g, 10). Increases flexibility of the dashboard by allowing customers to control and choose exactly what displays within the widget.

State/Province Add Location tool
Expanded the functionality of the add location tool to allow import of locations outside of North America.

Improvements for requesting assets
For customers that use the asset management system for their programs, several improvements were made to improve the speed of the request process. An improvement for customers that have hundreds of assets available that need to be requested for any given execution.

Budget PO Permission adjustments
For the Budget PO system additional permissions were added to show/hide certain segments based on role permissions. This will allow users to add and associate executions to POs without the need to view additional functionality within the module (e.g, budgets, spend, allocations)

MainEvent Release Notes 06/30/22

Features Added

  • Cancelled Event Trigger - Automated email trigger upon canceling event to the Event Owner.

  • Event Request Program Configuration
    Option to toggle by program if events can have a request process or not. Used for clients that have multiple programs and some programs require an event request process, while others prefer to schedule their execution directly.

  • Graphic Report Builder Time Based Graph - Option to show a value (e.g, leads, registrants) based on a block of time (e.g, by hour). Will allow customers to visually see this value for 3rd party integrations. Useful for groups that are evaluating attendees and show ‘what is the most/least popular time.

  • Added Filters for custom scheduling and recap fields.
    For the Graphic Report Builder option to show multi-select filters for custom scheduling and recap fields (e.g, brand(s) sampled, wholesaler). The filters are for the entire page (all stats, graphs, images, and map filters)

  • Audited Reports
    Option to add custom venue fields. For audited reports option to add venue custom fields (e.g., Wholesaler)


  • Tabs Displaying Properly on Staff Profile
  • Guerrilla Stop fix when clicking on child events
  • Username - if extra space in the username, that value will be omitted to reduce errors when creating new users.

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MainEvent Release Notes 06/17/22

Features Added

  • Graphic Report Builder Custom Scheduling Field Filter
  • Added filters by Custom Scheduling Fields as defined by customer (e.g, brand sampled).
    In our quest for freedom and justice, we now enable additional filters to enable users to further refine
  • Event/Visit Email/ SMS Notifications
    Configurable by hour
  • Option to send notifications based on the hour from the Event Start time and/or Event Shift Time
    For organizations that prefer to remind staff at specific times and/or if certain tasks are due pre or post the execution. Intent to continue to minimize the manual effort needed to ensure time sensitive tasks are completed and/or reminded of.
  • Event/ Visit Owner Addition and Primary Recap Reminder Some of our customers like to have users of the same roles have access to each other’s events (i.e. assigned to same program/market) but want certain notifications to only go to a single manager.
  • Under Admin → Client → Event settings, a toggle has been added called “Event Owner”.
    This is similar to the “Asset Owner” where on the event edit/add page, and a field appears at the bottom of the page where there would be a dropdown list of management users to select from. This list of users is a searchable dropdown list and only displays users who are assigned to the Program/market selected.
  • Added“Event/Visit Owner” column option to allow clients to have that field display on the Event/Visit Index page.
  • Event Owner Notification
    When creating an event-based notification, there is now a box you can check for “Event Owner”.
  • Bulk Rate Editor for Time & Distance Expense Types
    Added functionality for customers that require to manage/update expense types en mass for up unique geographic entities (e.g, Zip Code, State Country). This feature can be used for updating expense type where time and distance is associated (e.g, mileage, wage rate). This feature enables error handling and percentage verification for any rates that are drastically higher/lower than the preceding rate. Used most often by organizations that have staff either nationally, and/or in multiple countries where specific wage and labor rates apply.
  • Configurable Event Feed API
  • Created a configurable Event/Visit API feed for new and updated events. Enables customers to use an JSON API that supports custom fields associated to a scheduled event/visit in the system. Used for any 3rd party providers that have a need to send/receive scheduling data from MainEvent.
  • Overdue Claims/Payroll Report
    Based on customer requests, for any groups that use MainEvent to manage payroll, we added a report to show any overdue clams. This report enables mangers/finance department to know every staff that has a payroll submission that has not been submitted. In combination with the existing payroll submission notification email/sms reminders, no payroll claim will be left behind.

Issues Solved/Fixed

  • Guerrilla Stop Fix
    Fixed issue when adding new guerrilla stops that a new location was created each time.
  • Staff Profile Fix
    Fixed staff profile saving for clients that support payroll in multiple countries.
  • Media Tag Fix
    Applied fix to allow for scheduling fields to be filterable based on the images.
  • Exportable Reports in Excel Totals Fix
    The total column for integer and calculated fields now displays properly when exporting to Excel.

MainEvent Release notes 06/02/2022

Improvements/New Features

Assigned Staff Notification
Additional notification options to send email/SMS text to any staff assigned to an event/visit. Additional notifications include:

  • Event Date Updated
  • Primary Recap Response not submitted (Daily and one time)
  • Upcoming Shift Reminder

Program Specific Notifications
Option to send program specific notifications. Request from a customer that sends different, unique messages based on the program.

Staff Unavailability Monthly Calendar
Allow managers a monthly calendar view of what staff are unavailable for work based on the days off that are selected of each user with the intention to provide a comprehensive way to properly plan events/visits based on upcoming schedules of the staff they are responsible for.

FTP Automated Reports Feature
Enabled option to send automated reports via FTP. This is in addition to the emailed report option that exists currently with the end goal of reducing manual effort to produce high quality analysis.

MainEvent Release notes 05/19/2022

Improvements/New Features

  • Budget Module - Reporting Enhancements Implemented improvements to add extensibility for customers that need to provide highly configured budget reports to their clients or departments. With this addition MainEvent can now arrange by categories, and associated expense types and produce reports on any PO. In addition filters can be added to provide certain criteria of a PO (e.g, date range, Market(s).
  • Integrations - Venue and Event auditing For the integration system, capabilities have been added to provide a audit history of any associated integration that has been imported to Venues/Locations and Events/Visits. The purpose of this addition Is to provide transparency and reduce any guesswork to insure 3rd party integrations have been properly imported.
  • Automated Notifications Event / Shift Reminders with option for Hours trigger
    Within the notifications system, an hours configuration has been added for event and shift times. This has been a popular request of customers that would like to notify staff and managers assigned to executions on a specific cadence, potentially multiple times (e.g, 4 hours before an event and 1 hour). This feature can also be used for tasks that need to be completed prior or after a shift.
  • Claim Status Automation
    There is now an automated process to view the status of claims after they have been approved. The purpose is to make it easier to manage paid claims (hours worked and reimbursable expenses) for staff, and to assist operations/finance individuals to better track for reconciliation purposes. The breakdown of the steps are as follows:
  1. Claim submitted by staff
  2. Claim approved/declined/withdrawn by manager
  3. Pay period ends
  4. Lock date elapses
  5. When pay period date arrives (12:01 am on the pay date) and all approved claims become paid/processed status
  • Event/Visit Owner Option
    An Event Owner has been added to designate a specific user to an event that wishes to receive notifications, and be assigned to a particular event. This feature is similar to the asset management system owner, with the intent for customers that have a need to assign a particular individual that is responsible fo a particular event.
  • Products Collapse on a Recap
    For customers that have several products that are asked on a single recap, there is now a default to collapse the products , making it easier for field staff to complete their report.
  • Report Speed Improvements for Scheduling and Venue Custom Fields
    For customers that have custom fields associated with scheduling or venues, and want to use those fields for reporting requirements, the reporting system has been tweaked to improve the speed of these reports.

Bug /Issue Fixes

  • **Staff Calendar **
    The Staff calendar now has the option to display even if there is no activity populated.
  • Dashboard Date Range Filter now data will display to include the last date of the query.

Released into production 05/05/2022


Staff can now view their availability calendar multiple months in advance and mark unavailable days

Scheduling fields can now be brought in as a column on the Event Index

Added additional translations for standard staff profile fields

Added an Event Category filter to the dashboard

Addition of a new PO Module

You can now create POs within MainEvent. Each PO is assigned to a group of Markets, Programs, and a specified date range. The PO will keep track of the total budget, current spending amounts, and total remaining. You will also be provided with a full list of events that apply to each PO and their total cost.

Bugs and Minor Updates:

Force date formatting for Program Start/End Dates

API support for Mozeus integrations

Fixed a bug causing the Add Alert button to not appear

Fixed a bug causing the edited location to default to Alabama as the state selection

Fixed a bug preventing Venue Counts from being filtered on the dashboard

Released into production 04/21/22


Added scheduling select fields as options for iCal links

Event scheduling fields now appear on the Add/Edit Event Tool

Updated the image name on exported files

Improvements to Event PDF formatting


Fixed a bug causing help text not to appear on Request Sites

Fixed a bug causing some claims that were not set to auto-approve to auto-approve anyway.

Fixed some minor bugs related to reports

Released into production 03/24/22


Improved venue dashboard layout

Additional integration filters available on the dashboard

Add custom text color to Event PDFs

Added a translation option for Event PDFs

Updated the Event Import tool to display the Location name and ID as well as Staff and Staff ID within one cell. This should allow for easier selecting of locations and staff

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing claim thresholds to appear

Fixed a bug preventing Claims Types with no data from being deleted

Fixed a bug causing the filtered markets to not appear on the dashboard filter

Fixed a bug causing the add location tool to not inform which line a duplicate location was on

Fixed a bug that allowed users to see events on the dashboard that they did not have access to

Released into production 03/10/22


Improved Venue Dashboards

Improved Event PDF Builder

New Management User Import tool

General Admin Section UI Improvements

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing dashboard filters to not apply

Fixed the event count column on the Global Location Index page

Fixed an issue causing the Ad-hoc location search’s City filter not to work

Released into production 02/24/22


Embedded help released on Core 1 sites

When managers submit recaps they are now taken to a separate tab so they are no longer left at a dead end and have to use the back button.

Removed non-relevant Staff Offload options from the admin section

Created additional dashboard filters such as for Event Status

Can no track event hours and staff hours in dashboard tables

Created customizable event PDFs

Added a column to the payroll overview page that sums claims under the withdrawn status

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing scheduling document files to not appear

Adjusted the dashboard footer to properly appear at the bottom of the page

Fixed a bug causing some dashboard photos to appear rotated when exported to a PDF

Released into production 02/10/22


Created a new Event Status dashboard filter

Global Location Custom Fields now appear on all client level location profile pages

Improved auditing available for all dashboard stats table widgets

Improved the Global Claim Index Territory filter

Improved auto name generation for Ad-hoc events created without a specified name

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing some graph types not to appear on the dashboard

Fixed a bug causing some graph types not to respond to dashboard filters

Fixed a bug preventing scheduling select fields from being left blank

Fixed a bug causing all Programs to appear on the Calendar program filter regardless of client

Released into production 01/27/2022


Made improvements to the graphic dashboard print screen UI

Removed quotations from appearing around pre-normalized postal codes

Updated the Add Locations role permission to apply to the event creation page as well.

Time recap fields will no longer display a clock field.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug stopping users from re-activating media tags.

Fixed a bug causing inactive dashboards to appear on the navigation bar

Fixed a bug causing the Location Claim tool to not process

Fixed a bug causing Admin client sections to sometimes not expand as intended

Fixed a bug causing some guerrilla stops to throw off the event page’s formatting.

Released into production 01/06/22


Updated the failed login message for inactive staff users

Added a Client level toggle to decide if Inactive Program data should appear on index pages

Added a Role toggle to anonymize staff user names for specific roles. (such as client users)

Improved formatting on additional dashboard tables and added some additional filter options

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where Location Variables were not being updated by the Edit Locations tool.

Fixed an issue that caused the Recap Status to not appear to be required in order to save a new Recap Definition

Released into production 11/18/21


Added the Client name next to position types on the Global/Client Staff Index

The client Staff Index position type filter will now only show positions available for that client

Vastly expanded the capabilities of the Dashboard Stats Table

Added additional export options for Stat Tables

A new Duplicate Event feature has been added

Allow for simple filter switching on the T&E/Claim indexes

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an error with the dashboard Stats table widget

Corrected an error message that would sometimes appear when using the Shift User Assignment tool

Fixed an issue causing clients not to appear on the Link Calendar section of management users profiles

Released into production 11/4/21


Moved inactive projects to the end of the Staff Assignment Tool Template

Users can now only view Projects on the Global Project Index that fall under parent programs that they are assigned to.

Added additional French Translations options to the Staff App.

Bug Fixes:

Corrected the formatting of the Meal Break claim alignment within the Staff Portal

Fixed an issue causing the Recap Definition to not filter photo results on the Media Index

Released into production 10/21/21


Removed Hyphens from appearing between Market/Programs names instead of spaces on the Staff Assignment tool

Cleared up some small visual bugs

Created a trigger to notify users if an automated report fails to send

Added some additional checking on the account import tool to ensure duplicates are not created.

Bug Fixes:


Released into production 10/7/21


Improved Report page navigation

Improved the Staff ID formatting on the Edit Visit Tool

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue causing the Tour Calendar and Event Calendar to not show the same events

Fixed the Report Transpose Feature

Fixed an error causing Recaps Definitions not to save

Fixed an error causing Recap Definition Logic to not save

Fixed an error causing the Recap Definition Duplication feature to not work

Released into production 9/20/21


Updated the Execution Team Tool temple to provide the Staff/Management classification as a pre-formatted select field

Updated the Execution Team Tool to allow for multi-tier imports (Region, District, Territory)

Updated the Staff app to not allow staff to manually enter dates outside the recap's designated date range when creating OR editing an event

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue causing filters not to appear on the Check-In Index

Released into production 9/2/21


Added a toggle to turn on embedded help text in the admin section

Added asset help to the embedded help section

Updated the State selection on the Add Location tool to be a dropdown of state abbreviations

Updated the Add Location page to break American and Canadian states/provinces into their own section with heads when using the dropdown

Updated the Add Location page to display state/provinces as both abbreviated and full state names.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue that was causing a query error on reports when the Event Categories Table was added

Fixed an issue in the Staff App so that the message counter now displays the correct number of remaining messages after a message is read and deleted.

Fixed an issue that caused rejection emails to keep sending after being deactivated

Released into production 8/19/21


Allow for widget titles to display on the dashboard

Updated the staff profile text to allow for longer descriptions

Updated the staff profile page so that management users can only assign/unassign locations for staff, if they too are assigned to the same Client/Market. Other location assignments will be hidden.

Updated the Index page filters to refresh as soon as a new column is selected to filter. In the past, you would have to remove the filter entirely before filtering on a new column.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue that caused index filters to not collapse

Fixed an issue preventing staff users from creating overlapping Ad-hoc events

Fixed an issue that prevented users from clicking the edit column button in reports

Fixed an issue that caused Location Types to appear multiple times while choosing filters

Fixed an issue on the Location Index that prevented the Territory Filters from collapsing

Fixed an issue on the Check-in Dashboard that caused the date filter calendar to be partially cut off.

Released into production 8/05/2021


Added duplicate validation checking for the Add Location Tool

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an error that was caused when filtering pre-normalized location columns

Fixed an issue that was causing Display Text widgets not to appear

Fixed an issue that was causing the top widget to not display

Fixed an issue that caused chart information to not appear if a filter was not completed

Fixed an issue that cause recap fields not to display when adding additional clauses on the infinite dashboard

Fixed an issue where the AM/PM modal could not be changed in the staff portal while in French

Fixed an issue that prevented certain columns from being removed from the Project index

Fixed an issue that caused report table to appear twice if a column was re-organized

Fixed an issue that caused some staffed events to appear as scheduled.

Released into production 7/15/2021


Automated Reports - Numeric/ID columns default to Number Without Commas

Automated Reports - Default to show decimal points for Numeric and Money columns

Automated Reports - Yes/No columns display as Yes/No by default rather than T/F

Added a program toggle to allow for the Request Assets question to default to Yes/No on the Add Event page

Removed the Program dropdown on the navigation bar

Bug Fixes:

Corrected an issue to the Staff Assignment Tool which was not allowing Territories or Programs with “_” to be used.

Corrected the placement of the NNI contact info on the Report Schedule page

Fixed a bug that caused the “Delete” button to not work on the Global Admin Product page

Fixed a bug that was causing a red box (used to indicate required fields) to appear around the Program select field

Released into production 7/1/2021


Added the Event Name as an optional column on the T&E Approval Index

Allow for Asset Activity requests to be blocked off as unavailable on the public request Calendar

Bug Fixes:

Corrected multiple missing French Translations within the staff portal

Fixed a broken sync button on the staff portal

Fixed a role toggle that was preventing Missed Reasons from being added in the Global Admin page

Fixed an issue with the Claim Location Tool progress bar that was preventing imports from completing

Fixed an issue that was causing an Unknown Error to appear after creating Ad Hoc events in the staff app

Fixed an issue with Dashboard Pie graphs pulling no data