Media Section
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Media Section

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Article Summary

The media section stores all photos and videos that are uploaded to events.  To access the media section, go to the navigation bar and click View Media.

The media index will allow you to filter photos based on date, program, media tags etc. to quickly find the photos you’re looking for.  You can then download each photo individually by hovering over the desired photo and selecting the “download” option.  Alternatively, you can also download all the photos filtered to at once by clicking the “download” button located at the bottom of the filters section


There are three ways of uploading photos so they appear in the media section.  The first is to go to the event page and click Media at the top of the page.  From the drop down, click Edit Media. 

Once clicked, the Event Media window will appear.  At the top will be an option to choose new files to upload.  If using a mobile device, you will be taken to your device’s photos library and have the option to select multiple photos.  If you are using a desktop device, you will have to navigate to where your photos are saved, and then select each of the files you want uploaded.  You can select multiple photos by using Shift + Click to select a group of photos in a row, or Command/Control + clicking to select multiple individual files that are spread out.


Once uploaded, you will see a thumbnail appear for each photo as well as some additional options such as tags, highlighting, and removing photos which will be covered below.

You can also upload photos by going to the media tab on the right side of the event screen and clicking “+ Edit Media”.  This will take you through the same process outlined above.  Additionally, staff users can also upload photos to their events via the staff portal.

The next option for adding media is directly from the media widget on the Event Summary. Click Edit Media.

This will open the Edit Media modal which will allow you to upload media files directly from your device as outlined above. 

The final option is through the recap response. If the recap definition includes photo upload fields, management users can enter media following the instructions for entering a recap response.


When photos are uploaded to an event they will need to go through an approval process to determine if they can be client facing.  By default, all photos are imported in “unhighlighted” status.  This indicates that the photo has been uploaded to the event, but is hidden from specific roles, such as client users.  To make a photo visible for all users, click the highlight button located beneath the photo.

If a photo is no longer desired, you can also remove it by clicking the “Remove” button which will delete it from the event (and the system) completely.


Tags are used on the Edit Media window to assign a specific label(s) to a photo(s) so that they can be categorized and quickly searched for in the media section. 

Custom photo tags can be created by site administrators and added or removed on the fly using the media tab on the navigation bar and going to Edit Media Tags. 

Media Folder

The Media Folder is located on the navigation bar and can be used to download all photos from events at once.  To download photos, click on the program you want, and then click Download next to the event.  There’s also a button to navigate directly to the event the photos are located on.