Location Hierarchy - Adding Slots
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Location Hierarchy - Adding Slots

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Article summary

The Location Hierarchy is the ‘spine’ of your MainEvent site, allowing you to determine who can see what locations, complete what tasks, get what rates. It controls who manages whom, which people you can message, basically, it starts the ball rolling on most aspects of your use of the site.

The first thing to get straight is how the ‘hierarchy’ in Location Hierarchy works. For that, I would like to draw your attention to Figure 1.

Figure 1.

You’ll notice that all tiers within this hierarchy flow down from the client. The Location Hierarchy exists within the client site, rather than on the global level (shared across all potential client sites).

The client will be automatically set so let’s have a look at what tiers you may have to add or edit when using the site.

The Tiers

Regions are the largest tier on the hierarchy that you will need to create. Within a Region you may have Districts and Markets all with their own sub-tiers. Each Region must be given a unique name.

Beneath Regions, you’ll find Districts. You can have many Districts within a Region, but Districts cannot be shared between Regions. Each District must have a unique name to all other Districts.

Next, within Districts, you’ll find Markets. Each District can have multiple Markets. Each Market must have a unique name, even across Regions, names cannot be shared.

Creating Slots

Now that you know how the slots relate to each other, let’s look at how you can make new slots. To begin adding new slots to the Org Hierarchy, click Locations and select Location Hierarchy.

You’ll be brought to the Location Hierarchy Index. This index will look and feel like any other index (for more information about index pages, please check here), and it displays all the active tiers of the Location Hierarchy.

To add a new slot, click Add New Slot in the upper right of the page.

This will navigate you to the Slot Details page where you’ll enter all the pertinent information about the new slot. Start by selecting the type of tier you’re creating (Region, District, or Market) from the Tier dropdown.

Based on your previous selection, the Parent Tier dropdown will display which options are available for your slot to nest within (ie. if you are creating a District, your Parent Tier will be all the available Regions).

Next, you’ll enter your Slot Name. Remember, the slot name must be unique within that tier. No two markets can share a name, even if they have different Parent Tiers.

If you wish to assign the tier to a specific tier you can do that next. If you’re assigning Management Users, they will be able to view Staff users assigned under their tiers. If you are assigning Staff, it will allow them to view locations in the Staff App within the market they are assigned to. This step is optional. Search for the user by name, select the correct name and then the user will display in the Assigned User field.

Once you have completed all the necessary fields, click Save. The new slot will now be visible in the Location Hierarchy Index. Markets will now be available to be assigned to users.

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