Global Edit Locations Tool
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Global Edit Locations Tool

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Article Summary

Manually adjusting a single location is one thing, but what about when you need to make big changes to many locations all at one time? Enter the Edit Locations Tool. The Edit Locations Tool lets you make changes big or small to all venues across all clients with a single temple. Let’s see how.

Finding the Tool

The Venue Adjustment Tool is a global tool so to find it, you need to be looking on the Global Homepage. You’ll know you’re there when you see the client tiles. Click Tools and select Global Edit Locations.

The Template

This will bring you to the Download Template page of the tool. In order to make your life easier, and keep the file size manageable, you will first need to select the markets by client to include in the template. All markets for each client will be available for selection. You can select markets one by one, or select all markets by clicking on the client name.

Once you’ve picked your markets, click Download Template.

The spreadsheet template will download to your computer. Click Continue to see the directions for your next steps.

The next screen includes information you’re going to want to know before you start filling in the template. We’ll fill you in here as well. Don’t change or delete headers, don’t add rows. Don’t make any changes to Latitude, Longitude or Event Count columns, Location ID, Name, Street Address, City, State/Province, and Zip/Postal Code must have values in order to upload the template.

The template will include global fields (Name, Address, Location Variables, etc), but it’s also going to include client-specific fields such as Location Type, Market, and Custom Fields. The client name will be included in parentheses for these fields to keep things clear for you.

Now let’s turn our attention to this template you keep hearing about. The template will download to your computer and will open in your default spreadsheet software. Some fields will have a text input (Name, Address, City, etc) while others will have a select dropdown to pick from. If you are editing fields in a dropdown, please ensure to select from the dropdown OR that the field entry matches the select option EXACTLY or your template will not pass validation.

Now, you’re going to have quite a number of columns to contend with in the template but you only need to make any additions or edits to the specific cells you want to update. A reminder, you cannot add new locations here, if that’s something you’re looking to do you can learn about it here and here.

The Upload

Once you’ve made your edits, save the template in UTF-8.csv format. This will allow the template to accommodate any special characters that have been included.

Upload the template by clicking Browse and selecting the file from your file manager. Then click Conduct Test.

This will run the validation on your template. If you have made errors that cannot be accepted by the system, this step will tell you. Errors will be listed by line so you can go back and make any corrections needed. The system will not allow you to complete the upload with validation errors.

Once you’ve made any needed corrections, just re-save and re-upload the template. Conduct the validation testing again. When all errors have been addressed, click Complete Import to finish the process.

Once the upload has completed, a popup will display and your changes will be live.