Entering a Recap Response
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Entering a Recap Response

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Your MainEvent portal allows you to complete and submit any necessary recaps right from the event summary page.

Where’s the Recap?

If it’s your responsibility to complete and submit a recap on an event, the first step is knowing where to look. Recaps for events are found right on the event summary page.

Click Enter Recaps to expand the dropdown menu. If there are staff users assigned to any positions on the event, their name will also appear in the list. To enter the recap under your own name, select Management.

This will open the Recap Response. At the top of the page, you’ll see all the identifying information for the event you are entering the recap for. The Event Name, Date and Time, and Location Information.

If your recap is more than one page long, you will also be able to navigate between those pages from this area. There is a drop down to allow you to select a specific page, or Next and Previous buttons to flip through the pages.

Also at the top of the page is also a Download button that will allow you to download a blank copy of the recap form if you want to. Use this feature if you want to have a paper copy of the recap. Please note, the download will not include any response data.

Completing the Recap

So, you’ve determined that you’re in the right place and now you want to get down to entering your event data. Recap definitions (the surveys themselves) are built by adding forms to pages. Each recap will be built to the specific needs of the client, program or event type. Some recaps will be a single form on a single page. Some will be multiple forms, and others still might be many pages long.

Your recap may contain many different question types (Text, Number Fields, Select Fields, etc). If a specific type of response is required, the system will not allow you to complete the response otherwise. Ie. If the question is a Time Field, you will not be able to write a response, and must enter a time from the time selector.

Some fields may be required, and they will be labelled as required. If a field is required, you will not be able to submit the recap until those fields are completed.

If your program is using product forms, you will see sets of repeated questions asked for each product entered in the system. Each question on the product form will apply the same validation and logic. Ie. Sample 1 will have the same three questions with the same restrictions and requirements as Sample 2 and so on through the form. Most recaps will not contain product forms.

If your program is using survey forms, you will have a series of repeating questions per user response. You will be able to generate a new response with the click of a button. Each question per response will have the same logic and validation applied to it. So if Question 1 is required on the first response, it will be required for all following responses.

If a response is not fully completed or otherwise not needed, click Remove Response.

To generate a new form response, click Add Response at the bottom of the survey form. There is no limit to the number of survey responses that can be collected.

Complete the recap according to the question types and instructions set. When you have completed all fields, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

You will then be taken to a submission confirmation page. You can click Edit Submission to return to the recap. Click the back button to return to the event summary.

The completed Recap Response will be visible at the bottom of the event summary page.