Creating/Editing an Event
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Creating/Editing an Event

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Adding a New Event

From the dashboard navigate to the menu header, click Events and select Add Event.

Event Details

This will open the Event Details page. First, select the Territory for the event. If the Management User is assigned to multiple Territories within the Project, all will be visible within the dropdown menu. Only the Territories assigned to a user will be visible to them.


Next, select the Event Category. Select the Program if the Client has more than one active Program.

If there is only one program, it will be selected by default.

Select the Event Type from the dropdown menu.

Select the Recap to assign to the event. This will be the recap submitted at the end of the event. The correct recap must be selected in this step to ensure that the correct data is collected.


Enter the Event Description in the text field. This description information will be visible on the Event Summary page as well as in the Event Details page on the Staff Portal.

Date & Time

Next, select the Date, Start Time and End Time for the Event. The Date field will default to today's date. Clicking on the field will populate a calendar to allow easy navigation to the appropriate date.

The Start Time defaults to 9:00am. Clicking on the field opens a window with toggleable arrows to enter the correct time. The hour field arrows increase by increments of one hour, the minute field by increments of one minute. Clicking on either the hour or minute field will open a quick select window in one hour or five minute increments.

The End Time defaults to 5:00pm. Clicking on the field will also open a window with arrows for easy editing. The hour field arrows increase by increments of one hour, the minute field by increments of one minute. Clicking on either the hour or minute field times directly will open a quick select window in one hour or five minute increments.

Multiple dates can be added in this section. Note, adding multiple dates will create the same Event for each date. Each day will have its own associated recap and scheduling. To add a second date to the Event, click Add Date.

Repeat the Date and Time steps as necessary. As many dates as needed can be added to the Event. To delete a date, click Remove.


Selecting a Location for the Event is the next section on the Event Details page. This is a mandatory step. There are two ways to select the Location for an Event, either Search Existing Locations or Add a New Location. Best practice is to search first to avoid duplicate entries in the system. The system default will be to the Search Existing Locations tab.

To Search Existing Locations, enter any or all of the following information: Location Name, Location Street Address, City, State/Province, Location Type. The results can also be limited to the selected territory if desired. Click Search.

Search results will populate below the Search fields.

Click the correct Location from the results to add it to the Event.

If the correct Location does not appear in the Search Results, it may need to be added to the system. Click Add New Location at the top of the Location box.

Complete the Location information to the fullest extent possible. Clear and complete information will ensure that future searches for the Location yield the proper results and decrease duplication across the site. Fields will include: Location Name, Market, Location Type, Street Address, City, State/Province, and Zip. Click Save. 

Click Save to create the Event.

The Event Summary page will automatically load following submission of the Event Details. From here, users can view all recaps, access uploaded media, edit the details, (un)approve and lock recaps, cancel the event, set a missed reason (providing the date has passed and no recap has been submitted), get directions and upload documents.

Editing an Event

Existing Events can be edited from the Event Summary Page after they have been created. This allows for flexibility in scheduling as well as room for unexpected changes.

Editing an Event

From the Program Dashboard, click Events then select View Events.

This will open the Event Index Page. The Event Index Page will list all of the Events scheduled for that program. This page can be filtered and searched in the same ways as all other index pages. Select the correct Event and click on the blue Event Name.

This will navigate to the Event Summary page.

On the top of the page, at the left hand side, click Edit.

Clicking Edit will reopen the Event Details page from when the event was created. At this point, most details of the event will be able to be changed as necessary. However, multiple days cannot be added at this time. Multi-day events may only be added when creating a new event. Territory, Category, Event Type, Recap, Event Description, Date and Time, and Location can all be edited. Make the necessary changes, click Save.

This will reopen the Event Summary page. All edits made to the event will be visible from this page.


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