Admin Event Settings
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Admin Event Settings

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The Event Settings section of the client admin section can be used to toggle a variety of options that affect the event creation process. These settings will apply to all events under a client and can only be edited by admin users.

To edit a client’s event settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Admin in the navigation bar and got o View
  2. In the Global section click on the Clients option and then Edit the desired client.
  3. In the Events section go to Event Settings.

Default Times

You can set default start/end times for events that are automatically applied when adding new events to the site. For example, you can set the times so that all events added start at 5pm and end at 10pm. Thereby, saving time when creating events.


Event Name

If toggled to yes, a Event Name field will appear on the add event page which allows you to name each event with a custom name.

Auto Activate Approved Staff

If toggled to yes, contacts can be added to events.

Use Tasks

If toggled to yes, tasks can be added to events.

Use Map

If toggled to yes, a map will be displayed on the event summary page.

Use Helpful Locations

If toggled to yes, helpful locations will display on the event summary page.

Auto Highlight media

If toggled to yes, uploaded media will automatically be flagged as highlighted.