Client Admin
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Client Admin

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Article summary

The Client Admin allows you to set client-specific settings for each different client on your MainEvent site.

To access a client, look under Global and click Clients. This will bring you to the Clients section and from there, you can click Edit or Client Name to enter the Client Admin.

The Client Admin page will look familiar, having the same layout as the Global Admin. The Configuration Menu is located on the left of the page again with the sections listed in order of how they are displayed on the page. Again, you can use the links in the Configuration Menu to jump to the section you want to work from. This menu also offers access to Custom Field sections which are not listed on the Admin.

Each Client you have on your MainEvent site will have their own individual Client Admin page. Changes you make on this level will only impact the specific client you are viewing at the moment. There is no way to copy settings from one client to another.  You can duplicate programs if you need to, which you can learn about here.

Items on the Client level Admin are: 

Assets (if using):

Asset Activity Fields, Asset Activity Types, Asset Decline Reasons, Asset Fields, Asset Types, Asset Availability Conditions 


Settings, Claim Types, Programs, Mass Assign Client, Products, Manage Alerts, View Sent Alert Notifications 


Contact Types, Custom Fields, Categories, Event Settings, Event Type Groups, Event Type Group Fields, Event Types, Event Type Fields, Public Requests (if using), Public Event Lists


Position Types, Staff Settings 


Location Variables, Markets, Location Fields, Location Types

Listings in the Client Configuration Menu that are not visible on the Admin page are: Asset Activity Fields, Asset Fields, Manage Alerts, View Sent Alert Notifications, Event Custom Fields, Event Type Group Fields, Event Type Fields, Public Requests, Public Event Lists and Location Fields

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