Client Add Events Tool
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Client Add Events Tool

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Article Summary

The Client Add Events tool can be used by administrators to quickly add batches of events under a parent program (client block). This tool allows you to bypass having to manually create each event, and instead provides an excel template that can be filled out and then uploaded to create multiple events under a parent program at once.

In order to download the parent program Add Events template you will need to follow the steps below.

How to Navigate to the template page

To start, you will want to click on the Global button on your navigation bar and then navigate to the desired Parent Program tile. Once in the parent program of choice, click on Tools and then Add Events on the navigation bar.

Download the template

You will be brought to a page where you can download the template. Simply click on Download Template and a pre-populated excel spreadsheet will start to download.

Fill out the template

Once the template has been downloaded, you can open it in excel and begin to add the desired events to the excel document.

Each line represents a different event that will be added to the site. A number of the columns such as program, event type, recap etc. are pre-populated with a dropdown list of valid options to select from. These drop downs help ensure that the data entered on the excel spreadsheet matches up with what is in the system. Most of the columns to the left of the shift details will also be required in order to upload.

The location ID is used to assign venues/accounts to events. You can find out what a venue’s location ID is by going to the Locations tab on the navigation bar and then to View Locations. If you want to import events and locations, you will need to import the locations first, and then assign their location IDs to the event import. There's additional documentation on Location Imports if needed.

Once you have added all the events, save the file. You will want to make sure it is saved as a .csv file in order to complete the next step.


To upload the template back into the system, navigate back to your internet browser and click continue. You will be brought to a page where you can choose the file you just updated and select it for upload.

Click Conduct Test for the system to check the file for errors. If there are any errors, such as duplicate names, misspelled names etc. the system will provide a warning.

Confirm upload

If there are no errors you click Complete Import and the events will be uploaded to the system.

You can repeat this process for each client as needed.