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Article Summary

The MainEvent calendar allows you to track your events by date and visualize the state of your program at a glance. The calendar allows for a Monthly or Weekly view and offers an event preview as well as clickthrough features.

The Main Calendar

The Calendar feature can be accessed in two locations on the site. The main calendar can be accessed by clicking Calendar on the navigation menu.

This will open the Event Calendar page. All events scheduled for the current month will display by default when you load the calendar for the first time.

The events that display will be color coded, with the default Color By setting being Status. You are able to change the colors and also what Color By setting you view.

Changing the Colors

Changing the colors on your calendar is easy and any change you make to the colors is just for your own use, so you can make the colors whatever will best help you personally. To change the colors, click on any colored box in the calendar header.

This will open up the color selector window.

Use your mouse to manipulate the color selector until you see the color you wish to achieve in the left side color preview.

Once you have the color you want, click on the multi-colored sphere in the lower right hand corner.

This will complete the change and you will see the updated color on your calendar after the color selector popup automatically closes.

You will be able to make these changes to any of the options displayed in the header. To change what the Color By options are, click on the Color By dropdown in the Filters box on the left side of the page.

The options to color by are: Status, Event Type, Region, Market, Program, and Staff.

Filtering the Calendar

Now that your colors are popping, you might want to filter out some of the events that are displaying. All of that can be achieved in the Filters section on the left side of the page. You are able to filter the calendar by: Visit Status, Program, Event Type, Market, and Staff. Filters will build on each other, acting as AND rather than OR filters, so the more filtering you add, the fewer results you will see. To activate the filters, click Apply at the bottom of the filters box. To remove all filters, click Clear.

Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities act like little reminders or memos to yourself on your calendar. They are not events, nor are they visible to other users on the site. They will display on your calendar only. Calendar activities are permission based and may not be enabled for all users.

Adding Activity Types

Before you can add an Activity, you need to add Activity Types. This will allow you to categorize the activities as you add them to the calendar. Begin by clicking Add Activity above the filters section.

This will open up the Add Activity modal. Click the Manage Types link.

This will open a new popup called Activity Types. Type the name of the new Activity Type that you wish to add in the text field. Then click Add Type.

Once the Type has been added, you can change the color that the Activity Type will display as on your calendar. Click on the color box next to the Activity Type name and follow the same steps as changing the colors on the calendar display.

You can add more Types at this stage if you want. If needed, click Delete to remove an unneeded type. When you are done adding Types, click the in the upper right corner of the popup to close. Your new Activity Types will now be visible in the Add Activity modal.

Adding Activities

To add a new Activity, click Add Activity above the filters section.

This will open the Add Activity modal. First, you’ll need to select the date for the activity. Click the date field and the date selector will display.

After the date, you will then select the Activity Type. This will display the selection of Activity Types that you previously added.

Then, select the Program that the Activity will apply to. These will be the active programs on the client site.

Finally, you can add any Details/Notes in the text field provided.

Once the details are squared away, click Add Activity. Click Cancel to delete the entry. The new Activity will display on the calendar.

Dashboard Calendar

Alternately, your client level dashboard may be configured to display a calendar. This calendar will display all the same information as the dedicated calendar page. The colors you select from the main calendar page, will similarly display on the dashboard calendar. You will also be able to clickthrough to events from the dashboard calendar. This calendar cannot be filtered, nor can you change the colors from here.

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