Adding Staff
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Adding Staff

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Staff can be shared between clients, assigned to markets and locations, submit recaps and claims, create their own ad hoc events and guerilla stops! But first, they have to be added to the site. Here’s how we do that.

Going Global

To add staff to a client site, you must begin at the global level. From the navigation menu, click Global.

Once you’re on the global page, you’ll want to click the Staff tab, then select Add.

This will bring you to a Staff Profile Page. The first part that you will need to complete is the Personal Details section.

The required sections will be highlighted in red. These fields are: First Name, Last Name, Primary Address, Primary City, Primary State/Province, Primary Zip, Primary Country Code, Birthdate, Primary Number, Email.

The next section will allow you to assign Traits and Trait Groups to the staff user. In order to accomplish this, you will have to have already set up Traits and Trait Groups. This is covered in a different document.

Available Traits or Trait Groups (a cluster of single traits collected together) will be listed. To select a Trait Group, click the Assign Traits button next to the group. Single traits are assigned a la carte by selecting or deselecting the checkbox next to the trait name. Traits are optional to use and optional to assign to staff. You may assign as many or as few traits to staff users as you want.

Certifications will follow, and like Traits, they will need to be added to the system prior to being assigned to staff users. Certifications are assigned individually by selecting or deselecting the checkbox next to the Certification name.

Certifications may also be assigned an expiry date (if the Certification is set up to be expirable in the Certifications section), and this date is set per staff user. Click the Expiration Date field and add the correct date from the date selector calendar. Selection will be done by choosing the Year, then Month, and Day.


Next, you will assign the user their portal login. Their status will be automatically set to Active. Once you have completed the setup for the user account, they will be sent an email to create their own password.

You can also add payroll ID information, and upload headshots (if applicable to your program).

Now we get into the good stuff, the staff assignments. The assignments will impact what the staff user is able to view and access on the site, and also impact when you are able to staff them to an event.

Assignments are handled first by Client, Programs, Markets, and Positions. Each staff user can be assigned to any or all of the options within each of these categories, with some caveats. If a user is not assigned to a client, they cannot be assigned to any programs, markets or positions within that client. Likewise, if a user is not assigned to the program, they cannot be assigned to that program’s markets or positions. Assignments must be set from the top down in the following order: Client→Program→Market→Positions

Once you have selected the assignments, you have the option of assigning the staff user to Locations. These locations can be used when the staff are creating ad-hoc events on their portal. You can search for existing locations by Market, Location Name, Location Street Address, City, State, or Location Type. All results will be displayed in the Search Results section below. Choose a location by selecting the checkbox beside the Location Name and then clicking Add Selected.

All Locations assigned to a user will display on at the top of the User Locations section.

Once all the desired changes have been made, click Save Staff Profile. The staff user will now be visible on the Global Staff Index, as well as the Staff Index of any client they were assigned to in the setup.

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